Rohan Akriti: A Higher Quality of Living

Rohan Builders started in 1993, and now has a team of over 1,000 professionals. Rohan Builder’s excellence in design & innovation is also weaved into the nation’s infrastructure – the Amritsar Wagah NH1 that connects India to Pakistan, and other roads, tunnels, bridges across Punjab, Rajasthan, Maharashtra. Rohan Builders projects are spread across multiple states sprawling over 15 million square feet across the country. With over 25 years of experience in real estate, infrastructure, and industrial contracting sectors. They are now offering the new project called, Rohan Akriti. The project is located in Kanakapura Road, Bangalore. Rohan Akriti presents the very best of the Rohan Builders luxury segment. The project offers comfortable apartments with premium features and specifications.

Rohan Builders has guaranteed to bring a quality living experience to the society of Kanakapura Road with excellent architecture and luxurious lifestyle in Rohan Akriti. The specifications of Rohan Akriti apartments makes them unique and more beautiful. The building is RCC framed, Concrete solid block Masonry (Int & Ext) – 200MM Exterior walls, 100MM Interior walls. Marble flooring in the Foyer, Living, Dining, Corridors and all Bedrooms, Anti-skid Ceramic Tiles in Balconies. Suitable Size and Capacity Passenger and Service Lift in Every Block, Round the clock security with intercom facility, CCTV Camera at all vantage points. 100% Power backup for elevators, common areas & pumps, Grid Power from BESCOM for each home.

The premium amenities provided in Rohan Akriti are Gymnasium, Clubhouse, Swimming Pool, Games Room, Basketball Court, Jogging Track, Outdoor Courts, Table Tennis, Landscaped Gardens, Kids Play Area, Spa, Sauna, Party Area. When the question comes to safety and security, the project premise is closely monitored 24×7 by high tech CCTV cameras. The infrastructure is an earthquake-resistant framed RCC structure. The project also comes with a home down payment assistance program. This assistance program financially assists first time home buyers to buy their dream home early rather than late

The project’s location is in close proximity to the NICE Ring Road which goes towards Electronic City and NICE Bangalore Mysore Expressway. It also provides easy connections to some popular tourist places such as the Art of Living center and the upcoming Krishna Leela Park by ISCKON. The Turahalli forest, which is just next door to Rohan Akriti also keeps in check the pollution levels in the area. Apart from the physical infrastructure, the social infrastructure in the area is also well developed with malls, schools, hospitals, etc in close proximity. Nearby Places and Landmark which are close to the project’s location are Global Village Tech Park is 7.8 km away, Samastha Hospital 2.1 km away, Unitech Garden Galleria 6.4 km away, Kengeri Bus Terminal 8.6 km, Yas National Hps 2 km, Kempegowda International Airport 58.5 km away, Kengeri Railway Station 9.6 km away, and City Engineering College 4.2 km away. The area has access to the IT hubs of Bannerghatta Road, Sarjapur Outer Ring Road and is in proximity to well-developed localities like J P Nagar, Banashankari, and Jayanagar.

Is There Any Loan For Marriage? Is the Personal Loan Right

Overall, personal loan is anything that will help you when you have any shortcoming financially. Be it in your household or your business, a personal loan will be there to help you in your time of need. And certainly it will take the stress away of finances from your shoulders when it comes to organising your big wedding.

Anyway, let’s see in detail what a personal loan is and how it will help you in terms of organising your marriage.

Personal loan and what it is

When we put simply, personal loan can be defined as anything that is availed for by a borrower from a financial institution to address any kind of need, like a marriage ceremony, a honeymoon abroad, etc. And a personal loan is granted based on the following criteria;

An individual’s income
The credit rating of the individual
History of employment and profession
Capability to repay the amount
To point it out, a personal loan is totally unlike a car or home loan, as personal loans are unsecured and doesn’t involve any asset as collateral. And being unsecured, the borrower is not entitled to put any collateral as security, be it property or jewellery. Which prevents the borrower from falling prey to their assets being auctioned.

Keeping the aforementioned points of criteria in mind, it can aid you get a personal loan interest rate, which is extremely low. For example, when you earn good money and also have a good credit record of above 750 points then you stand the chance of getting a really good and low bank loan interest rate. Which brings the overall amount down as the loan interest rate reduces, and then you get the options to choose from a long-term personal loan and short term personal loan.

How to use the loan?

When you have availed for a personal loan it can be used for a variety of reasons. Since, we are talking about a wedding here. An Indian wedding generally costs a lot, as there’s a lot involved. Starting from preparing for the whole wedding to the wedding day and then followed by the honeymoon phase. You can actually borrow money as a personal loan from a financial institution and you can then repay the amount later in EMIs.

Applying for a personal loan

These are the following steps you need to take when you apply for a personal loan.

It all starts with evaluation, which means that you need to calculate and decide on the amount you need to borrow
The evaluation phase is followed by the consideration phase wherein you need to check that if you have any previous credit pending, as it will then bring your credit score down and it might affect your application process
Now you have to check for your eligibility. You can directly check for your eligibility with Sugmya Finance on the website
You can now apply for a loan directly by filling an application form on All you have to do is just upload the relevant documents of KYC, address proof and also your income proof
Your application is now in the verification phase, which will be done in no time and you shall receive the funds in a matter of few hours.

Attention Bad Credit Car Buyers! Here’s how you can get an Auto Loan!

Buying a car is everyone’s sweetest dream. But for bad credit car buyers, the auto financing part is more of a nightmare. Bad credit might have occurred due to a variety of reasons. Late payments, missed payments and past financial behavior may lead to a bad credit score. But fret not. Bad credit individuals can avail an auto loan, although a little hard work is required. Applying for an auto loan involves many factors which finally lead to a ‘yes’ from the lender. Understanding the different factors of a bad credit auto loan will help you to get a grip on your current situation and throw light on areas that need your attention.

Important Factors to consider for a Bad Credit Auto Loan

The following factors are of prime importance in the approval of a bad credit auto loan.

1. Credit Score

Checking your credit score before applying for car financing is a wise decision. If you suffer from bad credit, you should check your credit score a couple of months before you start car shopping. This will ensure that you have enough time to rebuild it. A few ways to improve your score include reducing your debt to income ratio, clearing old debts and checking for any fallacies in the report. While lenders judge your creditworthiness primarily through your credit score, do not worry about your bad credit. Your focus should be on improving it. You must also consider other factors that will help you get an auto loan.

2. Down Payment

Another factor in getting an auto loan with bad credit is the down payment. Car buyers with a bad credit history and limited time to rebuild credit scores should be prepared to put a hefty amount of money down. With a big down payment amount, you borrow less. This will eventually lead to more savings. Without a down payment, the dealer will narrow down the car options available to you and your financing options will also be limited. This is because the lender will consider you a risky buyer. Therefore, making a down payment can instill a sense of creditworthiness in the lender and you can avail a bad credit auto loan easily.

3. Apply for a Pre-approved Auto Loan

A pre-approved auto loan is an easy way to have an upper limit of the car that you wish to purchase. Additionally, a pre-approved car loan helps you to be prepared for the automobile purchasing process. The process helps you to understand the amount that you can qualify for a car loan depending on your credit score, income and expenses. Thinking one step ahead and submitting your documentation in advance for a pre-approved auto loan will help you to identify any fallacies and save you a lot of time in case you have to apply for an auto loan again.

Do Not Limit Yourself to the Credit Score

Credit scores make an important component of the auto loan process. However, it is not the only way to obtain financing for a new car. While a bad credit history may be difficult to erase, you can start by following the above-mentioned steps and work on getting auto loan approval easily. Remember to focus on different aspects of the auto loan deal and you will get approved at the click of a mouse.

SEO Experts and SEO Consultants – Find Out About Them and What They Offer

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is a powerful tool available to all individuals and companies that have a website. This is one of the most powerful web marketing services available to really improve your online visibility. With proper use of SEO, one can increase traffic to their website and turn a large number of visitors in to customers. It is advisable for anyone who does own an online business to invest in an SEO consultant to ensure that their services are performed in a proper manner and to their benefit.

SEO experts offer a wide range of services for their clients, from natural SEO to paid advertising. SEO consultants review the content that you have in your website and optimize the information. Then they obtain quality links to your site. It is important at this point to understand that the content of your website affects your ranking on a search engine such as Google. SEO requires that keywords and phrases be used in the webpage appropriately. The keywords should be used in titles and in the name of the website or URL if possible. SEO experts review the content of your website and advise you accordingly. They are able to determine whether you will be ranked high or low in a search engine by comparing the content of your webpage with the standards of the search engine. They should be able to also determine what is needed to beat your competition.

SEO consultants also offer advice on the development of a website. The advice that SEO experts give is just technical advice. It may include things such as who to approach for quality links to your website as well as how your content should be laid out to improve rankings.

SEO experts can also help you develop new content on your website that will really make a major impact in the search engines. As mentioned earlier, the content of your webpage plays a significant role in the ranking of your site in the search engines. The content also matters when you desire to make sales; you must have a well-written and marketed page to sell your customers. When you have reached your goal of attaining top search ranking, you will be receiving plenty of traffic if you targeted quality terms. This is definitely needed to succeed online. Receiving plenty of traffic is not the end of SEO; you can constantly improve by branching off in similar terms by using synonym search phrases and other tactics to find more customers. It is important that you are able to sell your services or products online. SEO consultants can also help you meet your online goals by helping you develop the content of your website so that your visitors will actually buy your products or services.

Keywords are very important to research and focus on when hiring someone for these services. SEO experts deal with search engines and understand how they work. They keep track of algorithm changes and are always open to the latest advice in optimizing for the search engines. These consultants therefore need to know how to research and capitalize on keywords directly related to your website. SEO consultants can offer to perform keyword research on your behalf to help you grab those top rankings. Their research is aimed at what people look for when making searches in the field your website is in. They then use these keywords in your webpage content as well as in links pointing to your website. Your website’s external links make a huge impact on your ranking in the search engines.

Some SEO experts offer training in the field of SEO. They can give you the skills that they have learned in SEO and pass on the knowledge to you. In so doing, you will be able to perform SEO for your own websites so that you can grab those top rankings more effectively.